[Updated on April 19]: Thanks to the great efforts of our team and suppliers, we have secured a part of the A5 X stock. For pre-orders placed before April 20, we will start shipping today and will complete by the end of April. For pre-orders after April 20, shipments will still start on May 18, but we will do our best to ship earlier. We ship orders sequentially and you will receive a notification email along with a tracking number once your order has shipped. If you need to change your delivery address, please contact us at service@supernote.com


Dear A5 X pre-order customers,

First of all we would like to express our deep thankfulness for your kind trust and support to us. At the end of the pre-order, we have the responsibility to keep you informed of the latest production progress.

In the past few months, electronic components including semiconductors have been out of stock on a large scale, and new obstacles keep coming and we are overcoming continuously. We encountered a serious battery shortage in March, and we solved after restless efforts of the team. However, there are still supply chain issues that forced us to make this difficult decision to announce that the delivery time will be postponed from mid-April to May 18th, about four weeks behind the original schedule.

In early April, the preparation of electronic materials is almost ready, but suddenly display supply issue occurred and existing inventory could not meet increasing strong demands. After countless discussion with careful consideration, we decided to postpone overall shipment in order to let you receive the device meets your expectations 100%. To be perfect honest, it is very frustrating to postpone the delivery date, which is our primary responsibility we have prioritized for. It is our commitment to provide you quality products without compromise.

Since the first launch of A5 X, continuous strong demands have exceeded our expectation. Although we are excited about this positive sign, the reality is that we are facing huge challenges in production. We need to expand more production lines, secure more components, and allocate more manpower. Our customers are all over the world so our product stability needs further testing, and all of these slowed down our speed to meet your demand. We are sorry for the supply chain issue. 

Your kind understanding and encouragement have been helping us to improve and grow gradually, such as members in SNS community who participated in many important decisions for product development. We have learnt lessons and experiences this time, and will stay with humble attitude and firm commitment in the future to make products exceeding your expectations.

The needed components will take approximate 3 weeks to arrive, and we are doing best to pull in restlessly until we deliver the brand new A5 X to you. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you by the delayed delivery and your patience throughout the process will be much appreciated. All delayed pre-orders until today will be given a free golden Supernote Pen. Please feel free to contact us if you need any support such as pre-order cancellation or change the delivery address etc. order contents, We cherish every opportunity communicating with you and take it as good karma. Thank you so much.