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The One & Only E-notebook

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Replace all your 

(re)gain stolen creative focus and think deeply for breakthrough results



Compact size with 7.8 inch screen.

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A5 X

Classic size with 10.3 inch screen.

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The E-notebook with

Elegant productivity 

(re)gain stolen focus and unleash latent creativity

A brief overview of Supernote

Taking notes

Reading eBooks

Annotating docs


And so much more!

Paper-like Surface, Pen-like Stylus

FeelWrite 2 Film

Feel the Natural Writing in the digital age

2nd Gen Soft Screen Film

The surface of the paper-like texture envelops you in a tactile experience reminiscent of a pen gliding across paper, evoking the nostalgic charm of old-fashioned writing.


Rougher surface texture




FeelWrite™ is a trademark of Wacom.

Complemented with

Ceramic NeverReplace Nib

Enjoy the unparalleled precision of the thinnest digital nib in the world, without any need for costly replacements or recharging. With 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, every stroke feels like magic.

0.7 mm (dia)


Software Superpower

Note-Organizing System

Powerful tools to unclutter your notes  

With Supernote, you can connect related notes via links, outline your ideas with clear and concise headings, and index important information using keywords. This powerful note-organizing system ensures that you have everything you need at your fingertips, ready to access at a moment's notice. 

Connect via links

Outline via headings

Index via keywords

Paper-like Writing

Experience the joy of writing on paper, digitally

With our exclusive tech FeelWrite self-recovery soft film and Ceramic NeverReplace nib, you can now enjoy the same soft properties of real paper while writing on a digital device. Yet requires no maintenance or recharging and with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, every stroke feels like magic. 

Real-time Handwriting Recognition

Effortlessly convert your handwritten notes into searchable and editable text

With support for over sixty languages, you can be sure that your notes will be accurately transcribed. And the best part? You can export your notes to Word & Text formats, giving you the flexibility to edit and share your notes with ease. All this, without ever having to worry about ongoing subscription costs - once you activate the feature, it works even when offline.

Word Editing

Enjoy swift proofreading with marks

Craft stunning documents by hand, employing pen strokes for illustrating proofread marks like Delete, Insert, Line Break, and Transpose, before saving to polished Word files. Plus, link a Bluetooth keyboard for a distraction-free typing experience.

Document Annotation

Add your scribbles directly on PDFs

Say goodbye to the hassle of printing and scanning. With the feature, you can easily add your thoughts and ideas directly onto documents, streamlining your review process and saving valuable time. Plus, signing PDFs has never been easier - simply handwrite your signature, and you're good to go! 

Paper-like Reading

Explore endless reading enjoyment

Integrate with digital libraries like Kindle, allowing you to immerse yourself in PDFs or e-books for hours on end – without any backlight, glare, or eye strain. And with our innovative Digest feature, easily save highlighted quotes for future inspiration and add notes to enrich your understanding.

Calendar & Email Integration

Stay on top of your schedule

Our innovative Calendar & Email Integration allows you to sync your mailbox effortlessly, whether you're using Gmail or Outlook, to send personalized handwritten emails that leave a lasting impression. But that's not all - stay in control of your daily agendas by sync your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar, ensuring you never miss an important meeting or event. 

Sketch Creation

Free creation with artistic tools

Professional features such as like erase, undo, layer, vector export, and lasso – all at your fingertips. Our innovative Gesture Eraser feature lets you effortlessly switch between pen and eraser without missing a beat, ensuring your thought process remains uninterrupted. Discover the ultimate workflow efficiency and bring your visions to life.

Digital Planning

Get ready to streamline your daily life and systematically achieve your goals

With our smorgasbord of personalizable note templates and the power to bring in hyperlinked digital planners, handling to-do lists, meeting memos, habit tracking, academic notes, and even business analytics becomes a walk in the park.


To-D0 List

From rough ideas to actionable items

Simply circle notes using the lasso tool, and voilà – it's seamlessly added to your to-do list and synced across all your devices for swift action.


Cross-platform Sync

Backup files for easy access

Seamlessly sync your important documents and creative projects to Supernote Cloud for easy access whenever and wherever you need them or securely back them up to your familiar cloud storage services.


Super Battery Life

Say goodbye to low battery anxiety

Enjoy reading and writing without the constant need for a charger. Our paper-like tablet's super battery life outshines conventional tablets, ensuring you stay organized wherever you go. Embrace the freedom to do more with a device that keeps up with your creative lifestyle.

Screen Mirroring

Cast your screen with peers

Instantly cast what you are scribbling to your computer, phone, or TV's web browser, and - voila! - your stylus transforms into a laser pointer, making your online meetings and presentations more engaging and interactive.

Your secret weapon for both work, study and life

Supernote seamlessly integrates into your workflow, allowing you to focus your energy on what really matters.

Business & Management

Cath Hopson


Blake Griffen

IT & Engineering

Nicolas Delucinge

Creative writers

Jessica Bell

Students & Teachers

Spencer Ross


Lakshman Ganatra

What makes Supernote unique

Structure & Index notebooks

Ceramic NeverReplace nib

 Free you from the hassles of frequent maintenance.

No reliance on internet

Protect your offline rights and privacy with the convenience of OTG USB file transfer and offline handwriting recognition.

Value driven

Supernote values transparency and actually cares about users - it offers subscription-free software upgrades that are fueled by user community; a clear roadmap for future developments and industry's most compassionate customer support.

Tailored for E Ink

Supernote believes in quality over quantity - that's why we have redeveloped our features for the E Ink display, which brings an unparalleled user experience that you won't find on other platforms.

Made to last

Supernote rejects planned-obsolescence. With its modular design and ECO-friendly materials, Supernote Nomad advocates sustainability and the right to repair.

Co-creation with us

Supernote is a product shaped by community and collaboratively designed by users.

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