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Supernote Nomad
Amanda F.
Love the Ratta Supernote

I’m so pleased with this purchase. I’m still learning all the super note can do, but especially love the way it feels writing and the ability to organize notes, use templates and share notes, documents to my phone.

Supernote Nomad

Nice folio

Works really well. Plus it makes the Supernote wake up when you open it.

Excellent design and function

Absolutely love the new design for the folio. Easy to use, luxurious feel, still looks great after heavy use.

Perfect size to replace paper notepad

I have been looking for a Remarkable 2 alternative as it is too big for my use and found the Supernote Nomad. I watched a few youtube reviews and ordered it. Initially I was disappointed as the screen didn't seem to be smooth and had trouble writing. So I contacted the support and they suggested I use a non alcoholic lcd cleaner on the screen. I did that for a few days and voila! its just perfect now. I haven't used any other features apart from note taking and it works really well and well worth the price.

Supernote Nomad
Zachary S.

Supernote Nomad

Supernote Nomad

Supernote Nomad
Imrankhan M.
Beautifully and thoughtfully designed

Is all the little details perfected that makes this an absolute must have device

Supernote Nomad
Bernard M.
This device is awesome!!

The Nomad has been an instant upgrade to streamlining the amount of devices that I carry in my backpack. It’s very portable. It has also improved my productivity within my workspace. I’m able to keep partitioned, organized notes which keeps me in position to be capture details of evolving conditions within my workday. There aren’t words that can express how emphatically I would recommend the A6 to anyone who’s looking to upgrade the way they take notes and organize data.

Supernote A6 X

Since purchasing the Supernote I've used it most days for work. I can't see myself going back to paper and pen.

I purchased this for my wife as a present, and she loves it.

Good for protecting wish it was real leather

Great pen very well balanced

Looks and feels great way better than paper

I love it

I love this device. I use it every day.

Supernote Nomad
Jennifer T.
More than I expected

First time using an e notebook. The Nomad meets every need. When I am out in the field - the size, long battery life and light weight are all perfect. In the office - USB to move docs from laptop to Nomad, marking up docs, updating calendars for projects is easy. All in all the Nomad is a perfect fit for my work and my life.

Supernote Nomad
Stephen R.

I have experienced both the Remarkable and the Nomad. I emphatically prefer the SuperNote products over its competitor(s). The UI is simple yet robust. I enjoy the writing feedback and the high quality of the design, not the mention the sustainability and consumer friendly aspects. I eagerly await future products.

Supernote Nomad
Edward O.

Supernote Nomad

Satisfyingly clicky writes well!

It's awesome

Love it!

I love this device! I use it for my daily work, meetings and tasks. My hope is there will be more business related templates for meeting notes with attendees and follow up sections.

Simple. Nice looking and keep the tablet protected.

The Push-Up Standard Pen is a time saver

The Supernote is a superb instrument. The Push-Up pen is a big deal though. The standard pen worked fine but the cap consistently separated from the pen costing time to look for it. The Push-Up pen takes care of that. Perhaps, that should be the standard pen.


Love the new push-up pen!

This is so much better than the pen I had before this design. The pen fell from the cap, which I eventually lost, leaving it unprotected. I never have to worry about this again, thanks to the new design!