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Supernote A5 X
Fern L (Mississauga, CA)

I have no idea how I managed with paper notebooks. I use my Supernote everyday, from writing to keeping my calendar organized. And the customer service is good'ole fashion service, where someone actually gets back to you and answers your questions.

Supernote A5 X
Medusa (Salem, US)
Useful and powerful

I really enjoy the super note. I also own the Remarkable 2 and Kindle Scibe, and while I love them all the Supernote’s all around abilities having me using it most. I appreciate the ability to edit Word documents and have them appear in a useful size, as well as the link, keyword, and heading functions. I’m still learning all it can do. Very happy with it.

Cowhide Folio for A6 X
Minji Kim (Gangnam-gu, KR)

Cowhide Folio for A6 X

Great Folio. Supernote slides in, and it is very secure. The Folio Is light weight and the cover folds behind it so you can hold with one hand.
Hope they come out with a Vinyl or Plastic version that would make it stain proof.

Supernote A5 X

Love it so far. Having a little issue with the ink dragging today, like after I lift the pen, it "ghost writes" a little extra squiggle line. I did all the tricks from the website, it works for a bit , then starts up again. Hoping it's Just the pen, which it probably is.
There is a cool feature where you can put 2 fingers across the left side with the left hand, and it will activate the eraser.

Heart of Metal Pen 2
Larry Winstead (McKinney, US)
The blue Heart of Metal Pen 2

This pen looks and works great. I’m hopeful the finish stays looking good for a long time. The first pen I purchased from you has the finish coming off the pen. That is the reason I purchased the Pen 2

This is an excellent product! Exactly what I was looking for.

FeelWrite 2 Film
Alejandro Huezo (Puebla, MX)
Great upgrade

The feeling is definitely better than the previous one. It's not easy to apply but planning it and having patience I had 100% positive result.

LAMY safari twin EMR Pen
Kimberlee Keithley (Goleta, US)

LAMY safari twin EMR Pen

FeelWrite 2 Film
Eun Kyung Park (Yongsan-gu, KR)
Calender printed paper feel

Personally, I felt like a calendar paper.
I liked it because my wrist has a low pressures.
But this is not for ASMR sound like
a diary paper for a fountain pen.

FeelWrite 2 Film
Kersten Song (San Diego, US)
OMG! It feels so write!!

I love my feelwrite 2 because it feels like I’m writing on premium journal paper. And the glide of my ceramic nib is the right amount of pull and resistance as I write on the screen. Perfect!

FeelWrite 2 Film
Luis Matute (Albany, US)
FeelWrite 2 Feels Great

Application went smoothly and I vastly prefer the grippier texture of FeelWrite2 to the smoother film that my A5X came with.

It’s a little slow but you get used to it once you realize how simple it is. I wish we could copy and paste between pdfs and notes, I hope there is a lag free zoom feature once the blank whiteboard feature comes out. I’d love to be able to make large mindmaps and concept maps. Amazing product, just hoping for more features, as well as support for onedrive, support for PowerPoints, etc. right now you have to convert it into a pdf and that’s fine but it’s a hassle sometimes.

Supernote X Series LAMY Set


Heart of Metal Pen 2
Customer (Stafford, US)
HOM2 - Awesome

Very good feel in the hand, well balanced and very well constructed.

Heart of Metal Pen 2
Yaiza Touriño (A Coruña, ES)

It’s perfect.
Way better than the standard one, more heavy and well balanced. Writing with it it’s a pleasure.
And it’s also beautiful.
Really really happy with the purchase

Supernote A5 X
Darian Lockett (La Mirada, US)

Supernote A5 X

Supernote A5 X
Mohamed Ibrahim (Dubai, AE)

Perfect product but expensive pen replacements

The package arrive before the scheduled time, excellent service

Standard Pen

Really comfortable and solid feeling at the same time.

Exceeded my expectations, really happy with my purchase.

Heart of Metal Pen 2
Angel Oquendo (Tampa, US)

Heart of Metal Pen 2

Perfect pen

Supernote A5 X
Dimitris Sakellariou (London, GB)

Life changing.

Supernote A5 X
Anjelika (Katy, US)
Supernote A5 X

So far I am enjoying it. Still trying to figure out some features. It’s soothing for the eyes. Easy to handle.


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