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Supernote X series
Miguel Rodriguez (Sag Harbor, US)
Best decision

Compared to the other competitors, I’m happy I bought this Supernote. It’s made my profesional life a pleasing experience.

Supernote X series
John Hobson (Barnet, GB)
Brilliant Product!

This is such a well thought out and designed eInk tablet. It's really user-friendly and I found it quick to get to grips with. The update that arrived earlier this week that enabled pdfs as templates was amazing and totally changed how I used the device in a short time.

Would like to see improvements to hand-writing recognition, a unified clipboard & limitless canvas for mind maps, but aside from that it's pretty much perfect.

Supernote X Series LAMY Set
Sergio Alberto Cortés Ronquillo (Querétaro City, MX)
Does what it promises

I came about this e-ink tablet when looking for options of the kind. I write novels and I thought this would be better than having a bunch of notebooks. So far, I could not be happier with my decision of acquiring this tablet. As I need to proofread, I have to print and waste paper no more. Great product (not cheap for me, I do not earn dollars), however, the investment is worthy.

Heart of Metal Pen 2
Man Mak (New York, US)
Love it

The heart of metal pen makes me want to write all the time!!

Supernote X series
Derek (Baldwinsville, US)
Supernote A6x

I've had my supernote for a little over a week sofar and love it. It organizes my random notes from my field notes to the supernote and allows me to have a planner built right in.

The Supernote is a delight to use. Makes my note taking, homework, pdf review, etc. super easy and very enjoyable. It’s even a robust e-reader thanks to the Kindle app and Supernote’s own, well designed e-reader. Highly recommend.

School/Work Powerhouse

I'm in a PhD program remotely while working as a full time engineer. My time and organization are incredibly important to me and the Supernote A5X saves me organizational time I can't get anywhere else.

I can keep all my thoughts organized categorically through the inbuilt file system, sync them directly through Google drive, add PDFs of new research papers or drafts I need to review, and take notes in PDF to be able to screen share with my advisor, all while being completely focused via the minimalistic interface.

To top it off I have a Microsoft surface that my company bought to help with organization, but I can say, no note taking experience yet can compare to the Supernote. The feeling of the paper like screen and ceramic nib strikes the perfect balance between friction and soft, and the screen latency is completely unnoticed. I don't use the hand writing recognition while taking notes as I prefer a more traditional note taking style, but this device is hands down worth the price.

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your fantastic review! We're thrilled to hear that the Supernote A5X has been such a valuable tool in helping you manage your time and stay organized throughout your PhD program and work. Our aim is to provide an efficient and focused experience for users like you, and your feedback reassures us that we're on the right track.

We appreciate your support and hope the Supernote continues to be a reliable companion in your academic and professional journey. If you have any suggestions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Happy note-taking!

Supernote X series
George Kousis

Very good piece of tech. Distraction free, responsive and has just the right connectivity. I did not buy the pen but it is compatible with third party pens. I just wish there were more third party folios/cases for it around.

Heart of Metal Pen 2
Nick Veriotes

Good feel to the stylus

I really enjoy using my supernote. I like being able to write my thoughts and have it Chang it into text so It can be legible. I also like being able to transfer from and to my PC using Dropbox .

Love it, not for the ones who want flashy but it is keeping me organized and still gives me the feel of handwritten versus computer.

It feels better to write on then paper. I really don't know what I did before this.

Great device. Good size, like writing with Pen and paper.

It’s a simple and focus device. It’s primarily a note taking device and secondarily an e-reader. The ceramic nib on the heart of metal pen is fantastic with the soft film covering the screen.

Canvas Folio
Kyle Riley

Light and great feel. The soft fabric gives the device a perfect feel. I really love the real idea.

Supernote X Series Premium Set
Andrew Papadimitriou

Great product

Have had it for over a year.

I've had my A5X for over a year and I use it for all of my college courses. I adore it and I'd love to buy another (even though I don't need another).

This is a great tool for somebody who goes through tons of notebooks leaving Post-it notes everywhere

Love having all of my notes in one place and be able to find them quickly. Still figuring out all of the features but it beats notebooks with post it notes! I use it everyday!!

High quality stuff.

Heart of Metal Pen
Matthew Monnin
Had for a year, no problems.

I am a teacher, and I carry my supernote on me every day and I have never had a problem with the pen and its cap. Like others I also really like the weight and feel of the pen. I can't compare it to the other options, because I only have the one, but it is a great quality and the cap has a nice snappiness to it. The clip also fits really snug with the loop on the supernote cover if you buy one. I know several others have had different experiences, but I genuinely enjoy this pen and have never had a problem with it.

Fast shipping. Great device

So far so good. Takes a bit of getting used to with the syncing and exporting, but it's pretty good. Not sure it's worth $900 cad but exchange rates are high right now.

Heart of Metal Pen 2
Cameron Brown

Great pen, high quality, good weight, I would recommend this upgraded pen to everyone who is thinking about purchasing a Super Note

Great product! Super handy and no subscription required!