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[What’s New]: Google Drive integration & Screen Mirroring

An elegant productivity gadget to replace your endless paper

This distraction-free, paper-like tablet will unleash your creativity with:



Annotating Documents

Reading eBooks

And so much more!

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What reviewers are saying

Supernote innovatively combines the traditional notepad with modern technology and also pleases with its unpretentious, clean design.

Statement by the Jury
Reddot Winner 2020

The best E Ink note-taking capable device of the year, and for me, unquestionably it is the Supernote A5 X.

My Deep Guide

"For those who write"; truer words have never been spoken, when it comes to the Supernote A5 X. While prohibitively expensive, this tablet serves as the perfect partner to anyone who's serious about note-taking and digital organization. If you fall within that niche of meticulous writers, then you will almost certainly love the A5 X.

Krista Noren

After using the new Supernote A5X tablet to take notes for a few weeks, I’m ready to give up paper and go all-digital. The Supernote isn’t meant to replace your iPad. It does a few things very well and cuts the distractions from your life so you can concentrate on creating rather than consuming content.

Sascha Brodsky

It doesn't feel like pencil and paper. It feels like a really premium pen and paper.


I find myself using it for everything. It’s become invaluable for my job, my scheduling, even my weekly Dungeons&Dragons game. And, even months after its initial release, the team is still hard at work improving the software even further. 

Odin Halvorson

What sets Supernote apart

Comprehensive note organization 

Creating Table of Contents, tagging with keywords, linking related notes, and searching

Exclusive Ceramic NeverReplace nib


Refuse user surveillance
No reliance on internet


Thriving user community
Humane customer service

Ballpoint/gel pen-like writing experience rather than pencil

The slimmest of its kind, offers the utmost accuracy.

Pre-installed screen protector

Much more resilient than the regular one.
It has been tested to survive drops and you can carry it around fearlessly.

What sets Supernote apart

Comprehensive note organization 

Creating a Table of Contents, tagging with keywords, linking related notes, and searching

Exclusive Ceramic NeverReplace nib

The slimmest of its kind, offers the utmost accuracy.


Refuse user surveillance
No reliance on internet


Thriving user community
Humane customer service

screen protector

Much more resilient than the regular one.
It has been tested to survive drops and you can carry it around fearlessly.

Ballpoint/gel pen-like writing experience rather than a pencil

Let's dig deeper the benefits of using Supernote

Organize notes by outlining, indexing and hypertexting - you never lose track of notes again

Supernote is more than just a tool for writing and keeping notes; it is also your second brain, a digital one. With a powerful note-taking system, you can:

Connect via links
☑ Outline via titles
☑ Index via keywords
☑ Search via real-time recognition

Learn how it works

Exclusive tech! Hard nib + Soft surface = Paper-like with virtually no latency

You feel like writing with a real pen on a paper notebook.

Learn how it works

FeelWrite self-recovery soft film

Ceramic NeverReplace nib

Minimal handwriting latency

The digital writing experience should be more than simply dragging a pen nib on a hard screen. Our answer is our exclusive FeelWrite self-recovery soft film, which mimics the soft properties of real paper. As you write, it dimples and recovers as the pen nib depresses and rebounds.

This pen is truly a game changer. It requires no maintenance or recharging. And yet it gives you the greatest creative possibilities with the world's thinnest ceramic nib and 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, for the most precise control and the longest lasting exquisite writing experience.

Ultra-low latency technology gives Supernote incredible stroke responsiveness for a more paper-like feel. Latency continues to be reduced with the various and regular system updates.

Everything has a place - including in your Supernote!

Easily import a wide range of different file types, including PDF, ebook and Word files.
☑ Organize all your notes and books in folders - just like you would a computer.
☑ Keep files safe in the cloud - you’ll never forget or lose something again.
☑ Access files from any device you own.

Access files on different platforms

USB On-the-go (OTG) support

PC-like directory structure

Customizable sidebar navigation

While it is possible to use your Supernote device completely offline, you can also sync files to Google Drive, Dropbox or Supernote Cloud. OneDrive will be integrated in the future.

No "Connect"? No Problem! It can be easily connected to a computer with a cable to transfer files and with OTG support, files can be backed up and managed directly to portable USB storage devices.

Create as many subfolders as you need just like on a computer and set separate passwords for files for added security.

Get notes and docs at your fingertips with the easy access sidebar.

Various templates for various needs - you own a truly personal notebook

Choose from a variety of paper backgrounds, from lined, grided, dotted and planners, or easily create your own custom templates.

Learn how it works

Resize and undo effortlessly - you never make mistakes in creation again

Let your artistic side loose with powerful creative tools, erase, undo, and lasso your way to a masterpiece.

Gesture Eraser


Export to vector

Arguably the most intuitive method on the market, Supernote uses an innovative and handy function that makes it easy to switch from pen to eraser without breaking your train of thought.

Layers can be thought of as a stack of slides, each with its own contents which give you more freedom in your artwork.

You can export your sketches as vectors, which means that the largest images and the smallest details can be edited and even colored by applications such as Adobe Illustrator.

Annotate documents and edit Word - you are never confined to typing text again

Make notes freely on PDFs and export to view on other devices.
Turn handwriting into a professional Word doc and edit with proofreading marks.

Learn how it works

Read eBooks - you never need a dedicated eReader again

Access your digital library and read eBooks comfortably for hours without eye strain. Supernote provides you with a satisfying reading experience.

E Ink display


EBook Library Integration

Save eyes, save battery, and enjoy reading in the sunlight.

Save highlighted quotes for later use and add notes to provide additional information.

Supernote integrates with third-party digital libraries such as Kindle, and more will be added in the future.

Access to email and calendar - you own a workflow-ready notebook

Sync your mailbox, Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar and manage all your emails and agendas.

Screen Mirroring
- instantly share what you are scribbling with anyone

Casting content to your computer,
phone or TV's web browser, especially for online meetings and presentations.

The most sustainable and value driven paper-like tablet - with minimum maintenance costs and maximum long term value

Behind Supernote is a growing indie team that rejects planned-obsolescence and subscription models. We work with users to create long-lasting products with an outstanding value.

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See how Pixel Leaves makes the most of Supernote

See real-life use cases from #Supernote community

Enjoy tranquility in the digital age
Enjoy tranquility in the digital age

No social dilemmas, no distractions, just writing and thinking.

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No, Supernote is not an “All-in-one” tablet computer and is not designed for everyone. Supernote is intentionally designed to write and read to fuel creative thinking, nothing else. We suggest you perhaps take a look at the iPad.

A well-thought-out product is better than countless cheap options. We think this is the product that hits the sweet spot of usability VS simplicity on the market. It's simple on the surface, yet comprehensive underneath, with purposeful productivity for you.

This involves trade-offs against the best handwriting experience. We have found that adding a front light will make the device thicker and make the nib feel further from the screen as you write. Avoiding a front light also extends battery life so you can be more productive between charges.

A5 X and A6 X currently support PDF, EPUB, Word, Text (.txt), PNG, JPG, Comic book archive (.cbz), FictionBook2 (.fb2) and OpenXPS (.xps) formats, and integrate with Kindle app which supports MOBI and other formats.

The user interface of the device is well suited for left-handed people, and you can adjust the position of the floating toolbar. You can also disable gestures to avoid accidentally turning pages while writing.

You can check out our software roadmap.

Flexible Payment Options

Pay in full or later starting at 0% APR in the US.

One-year Warranty

Devices purchased from Supernote include a one (1) year warranty.

FREE Personalization Services

Engraving and gift-wrapping available upon request.