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Creative writers

For writers, who believe the pen is mightier than the sword, Supernote is there to make the whole writing experience more memorable and enjoyable.

Handwriting recognition 

Backup your work

Add clarity and structure to your work

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Leverage handwriting recognition to your advantage

Real-time handwriting recognition

Write poetry, lyrics, fiction, or stream your consciousness just like you would on paper. Your work will be automatically interpreted into text in the background. Powered by the ability to export to editable Text and Word documents, it will lift your efficiency to another level.

Extend your concentration span

If you prefer the nostalgic feeling of typing on a keyboard, you can expect to stay focused and achieve more.

Hassle-free user experience

No subscription charge for all advanced features forever.

Backup your work safely

Cloud syncing

Sync your precious work to Supernote Cloud/Google Drive/Dropbox for extra peace of mind.

Offline backup capability

Connect Supernote to a USB drive and back up your work locally even while you are exploring nature for inspiration.

Protect your privacy

There is no need to connect to Wi-Fi after first starting up your device.

Add clarity and structure to your work

Structure via headings & links

Use headings to neatly organize your writing and add links to jump to different chapters or sections.

Categorize your writings

Create folders for different types of writings for better classification.

Password protection

Protect your writing with passwords so that your drafts are secure until you decide to publish them.

Mongoa lyrics by Jessica Bell

"For such a long time, I've dreamed of having an e-ink device that could replace the PC in creative areas of my work. I also hate sitting at my desk all day, and looking at a lit screen. Since I spend countless hours looking at a screen, I get frequent headaches. So when I finally found the Supernote, and discovered that it did everything I needed to work on creative projects, I bought it immediately. 

I have not ever been happier with an electronic device as I have been with my Supernote. As a multipreneur, I love to start my creative process by hand and away from my PC, and the Supernote perfectly facilitates this."

Jessica Bell

Award-winning author

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