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Business & Management

See how you can make the most out of the Supernote throughout each stage of your business.

Be productive at business meetings

Manage files effectively & securely

Receive and send emails with ease

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Be productive at business meetings

Utilize headings & templates to distinguish different meeting topics

Create a clear and descriptive title for each important meeting you attend, so that your meetings are sorted and easily identifiable and searchable. Take advantage of our built-in templates or import your own custom ones to suit your specific meeting needs.

Share your screen with peers via web browser

Allow other meeting attendees to see exactly what you are scribbling, generating a more collaborative and interactive meeting experience, as participants can actively engage with the content being presented and ask questions in real-time.

Real-time handwriting recognition

Convert your meeting notes to digitized text instantly using our newly introduced handwriting recognition feature to save time and boost productivity. You can then proceed to share them with co-workers or clients for maximum meeting efficiency.

Manage files effectively & securely

Multi-sourced PDF planners

Use our pre-installed templates or import your own for various purposes such as making agendas or documentations.

Accessible on any device

Back up files to Supernote Cloud/Google Drive/Dropbox and access them easily across devices.

Protect your privacy

Easily transfer your important data via USB drivers without worrying about disclosing any confidential information of your business. 

Receive and send emails with ease

Multiple email accounts support

Log on to your Gmail/Outlook/Hotmail/iCloud/Microsoft Exchange and many other accounts to reply emails on the go. 

Handwriting input

Handwrite a personalized email to leave a warm impression on the recipient. As business professionals, it helps you to stand out amongst competitors and build trust with clients.

Keyboard input

Use the digital keyboard or connect your own keyboard via Bluetooth to reply emails in a traditional approach.

"I love the fact I have been able to organise my notes so beautifully. Client notes go into their own respective folders - no more which notebook did I have for that client's meeting? Have I completed my tasks? Thank you stars!And now with links to create a personalised index/table of contents which makes it even easier to go to the note I need. One step closer to a paper free office." 

Cath Hopson

Bookkeeping business owner

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