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See how Supernote helps sales professionals to manage client relationships and track progress with ease, leading to soaring performance levels.

Go paperless with countless paperworks

Be efficient and versatile at work

Protect your privacy

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Go paperless with countless paperworks

Signing contract digitally

Go paperless with countless paperworks

View and annotate important documents

You can easily view product specifications, price lists, contract terms, and other important files, and add notes and comments to them as needed.

Taking notes while communicating with clients

With a Supernote on hand, you are geared up to interact with potential customers, taking notes and create an extensive database you can refer to anytime.

Be efficient and versatile at work

Respond to client emails from anywhere, anytime

Quickly viewing clients' emails with Supernote's built-in email feature which also allows you to compose a handwritten letter with a touch of personality in it.

Check agenda deadlines

Quickly add important tasks/events to your calendar and sync it to your Google/Microsoft Calendar to make it accessible on every devices you own.   

Create your own to-do lists

Listing out all your to-dos in your own favor and structure them with ToCs, Keywords, Star marks, which is searchable for review purposes.

Protect your privacy

Password protection

Lock up your important documents and client infomation with password combinations so that they are 100 percent secured.

Offline usable

There is no need to connect to Wi-Fi after first starting up your device.

“As a sales rep, I rely on my Supernote to stay organized. By utilizing a Bullet Journal approach and implementing Table of Contents and keywords, I am able to efficiently catalog important client information for easy retrieval later on. Additionally, during meetings or times when I need to focus solely on reviewing Word docs, my Supernote is also an invaluable tool. With Google calendar sync, my Supernote serves as my all-in-one solution for everything related to my sales work. It truly does wonders in keeping me on top of things.“

Blake Griffen

Sales representative

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