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IT & Engineering

See how Supernote's powerful note-taking functionalities help boost every step of your workflow for programmers.

Visualize your ideas

Build a winning workflow

Cooperate with peers seamlessly

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Visualize your idea

Handwritten note-taking in meetings

In technical meetings, handwrite pseudo code/snippets/algorithms and flow diagrams as they happen to you, so that you won't have to lose brilliant ideas.

Drafting and visualizing ideas

Using widely ranged pen options to design systems/processes/programs to bring your ideas to life. 

Present your ideas in a clear fashion

By applying multiple templates that are in-built in system, it can assist keeping your notes uncluttered in a time-efficient manner.

Build a winning workflow

Create your own to-do lists

Listing out all your to-dos in your own favor and structure them with ToCs, Keywords, Star marks, which is searchable for review purposes, so that you won't lose your track in a long list of notes. 

Check agenda deadlines

Quickly adding important tasks/events to your calendar with lasso tool and sync it to your Google/Outlook Calendar to make it accessible on any device you own.   

PDF Digital e-reader vs paper books

Read ebooks about programming and engineering on Supernote in a distraction free digitial environment.

Cooperate with peers seamlessly


With Supernote's powerful PDF annotation capabilities, you can mark up parts that need revising or attention from your teammates. This helps facilitate collaboration and boost productivity.

Email attachments

Attach programming documents and technical drawings to emails and share them with co-workers effortlessly.

Retrieve files from the cloud

Upload/download documents to/from Dropbox and Google Drive to collaborate with your team in real time.

“I highly use keywords to "tag" my entries in my daily follow-up (eg: "CI/CD", "bug" ...) and since the last release also links. Thus when I have an important meeting I just add an entry in the "Daily follow-up" note + a link pointing to the related page in the "Minutes Of Meeting" note.

But all these features would be nothing without the KILLER FEATURE of the SN : the pleasure of a smooth & natural writing feeling! Honestly, just doodling on the screen is always a pleasure (especially during a boring meeting :) )”

Nicolas Delucinge

Software architect

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