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Freely combine your set

1st: choose a device

Freely combine your set

2nd: choose a pen

Freely combine your set

3rd: choose a folio


The included accessories (pen and folio) are different, the devices are the same.

  • Standard set: standard pen + canvas folio
  • Premium set: Heart of Metal 2 pen + cowhide folio
  • LAMY set: LAMY pen + folio

You can also freely combine your own by adding the device, pen and folio separately to the shopping cart and checking out together.

Please click on the "➕ ENGRAVE YOUR PEN" above "ADD TO CART" on the product page to add engraving. If the icon is not present, the product does not have personalization options.

Pens available for engraving:
- Heart of Metal 2
- LAMY AL-star EMR

Having trouble choosing?

Feel free to message in the bottom-right corner of the webpage, we are happy to make recommendations.

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