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About Us

We have a dream of creating products that were more than just pretty faces - we want to create products that would actually be useful to people. At Supernote, we aren't afraid of going against the grain and taking the road less traveled. We believe that our approach will help us create products that are truly revolutionary and that will make a lasting impact on the market.

Get lost in your ideas—not endless stacks of paper

We're techies who enjoy writing, but we've noticed how easy it is to get distracted by the latest push-notifications on our smart-devices.

That's what inspired us to create an elegant, distraction-free tool that fosters boundless creativity and syncs perfectly with your mobile devices.

We've adopted a minimalist design aesthetic and a continually-refined user experience that offers an amazing writing experience found nowhere else.

Independent and free

We are a private company with offices in Shanghai, Tokyo and Washington, without the pressure given by large shareholders. We cherish freedom and stand by our values.

Ratta was founded 15 years ago as a developer of IC card terminals (POS) and payment systems. We pursued the accuracy and security of handwritten signatures required for financial and payment operations, gained experience in hardware and software development, and established a belief in respecting and strictly protecting customer privacy.

Now, we are creating a new category "Digital Stationery” for making the world a better place. We are a board member of Digital Stationery Consortium and push paperless together with companies like Samsung, Wacom, Montblanc, etc.

We have been doing efforts on ethics and environment. We donate to schools or organizations which Supernote devices can contribute for greater good. For example, we donated Supernote devices to an international school in Cambodia as teaching tools and a digital library. The school has insufficient handwriting teaching tools, papers, and no decent library. Also, we worked with universities in Italy and Japan for Parkinson’s disease research and paperless handwriting education etc. projects. 

For manufacturing, we use EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) same as global companies like Casio and Sharp etc., the zero tolerance to modern slavery must be strictly requested and followed. We are never allowed and against any sweatshop or unethical related operations.

User focused culture

When our product was first released, there were some unexpected and unstable issues. It was the feedback and suggestions, patient understanding and support from our early users, especially from our community of folks, that kept Supernote going and getting better, we will never forget.

We value our existing users more than potential customers; we work with our users to design and improve our products; we provide long-term software updates for the old devices rather than launching new devices frequently to eliminate the old ones, and we do our best to provide the best customer service possible.

We put most of our limited resources into R&D with very little marketing budget because we believe in the product and the people themselves. Please understand we do things for greater good even most of time we feel like little David vs Goliath in the real world.

The following quote is from Ratta Supernote's CCO (Chief Chat Officer):

The relationship between a nascent brand and its users is like a group of people having a common idea. But most people have their own jobs and it is impossible to realize this idea. So someone volunteered to stand up and say, "Let me try."

In this process, what the brand does will attract more people with the idea. Because of the resonance with the users, its recognition is getting stronger and stronger. Also gather more and more people of the same kind. This is why you’ve found us.

However, sometimes the bigger the hope, the bigger the disappointment. Because a nascent brand cannot be flawless, But users have shown us enough patience and support. We deeply realize that: as a rough early concept, how to mature and how to achieve perfection on product details are inseparable from the common shaping by users. Because the users are the guru of the product.

We are grateful for what happened.

We need to be humble.

We are not better than anyone, we are just one of you. If we achieve something, we achieve it together with you.