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See how Supernote helps healthcare professionals to protect patient data while completing customizable forms and saving time. 

HIPAA compliant

Indispensable tool for paperless office

Professional readings

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Compliant with HIPAA

Protect Your Patients' Sensitive Health Information

Supernote can be compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which can be used by healthcare professionals with confidence that patient data is being protected and managed in a secure and responsible manner.

In order for Supernote to serve as a business associate in compliance with HIPAA regulations, please download the Business Associate Agreement, complete the necessary information, and forward it to This will ensure the proper legal relationship is established.

Click to download the Business Associate Agreement

Your indispensable tool for paperless office

Go paperless by filling out digital forms

By using a Supernote, you can complete forms digitally, which are more customizable, time saving and accessible, ultimately benefiting the quality of care provided.

Organize patients' medical history via ToC

Quickly navigate through patients' medical histories and other inforamtion from ToC menu by setting each name as a title.   

Robust file management capabilities

Manage all your information with a PC-like file management system that you are already familiar with without worrying about losing track of your documents. 

Professional readings

Read medical ebooks

Study medical thesis, journey articles and e-books in various formats. (epub, PDF, fb2, etc) 

Annotations directly on documents

Make highlights, scribbles directly upon the article you are reading or utilize the Digest function to annotate and save your thoughts for later.     

Customizable page settings

Personalize the reading experience of PDFs with diverse page layouts by splitting pages in half, zooming in/out, and adjusting contrast to match your individual preferences. 

"For my job I have to keep these notes for 7 years past the child’s 18th birthday, so that’s a lot of paper to keep. SN means I don’t have to use any paper and I’ve gone from using 2 full A4 notebooks a month to less than 5 sheets of paper. It has also helped me by streamlining my notes which can be shared easily and can find information quicker."

Lakshman Ganatra

Child psychologist

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