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Introducing FeelWrite 2 Film:
Natural Writing in the digital age

Step into the digital era, where the pursuit of a truly natural writing experience has been a never-ending journey.

Supernote, the purveyor of unparalleled digital writing encounters, is on a ceaseless mission to push boundaries and bring the timeless charm of pen and paper to the digital realm. Today, we are delighted to reveal the culmination of our tireless endeavors—the birth of a "Natural Writing" experience crafted through the revolutionary fusion of FeelWrite 2 Film + Ceramic NeverReplace Nib.

Prepare to be amazed!

Unveiling the Texture of Real Paper

Compared to its predecessor, FeelWrite 2 has a rougher surface texture. The new film mirrors the intricacies of genuine paper, faithfully replicating its uneven grain. Delve into the details showcased in the image below.

FeelWrite 1 (left) vs FeelWrite 2 (right)

Immerse yourself in the enhanced tactile sensation this textured surface offers—an experience akin to the touch of pen on paper. This claim is no mere hollow proclamation; it has been validated through rigorous experimentation.


The combination of FeelWrite 2 + Ceramic Nib is strikingly similar to the combination of Paper + Hi-Uni HB pencil!
(Source: Wacom)

With the FeelWrite 2 Film and the Ceramic NeverReplace Nib, the boundary between the real world and digital fades away as paper and pen come to life like never before. Analog and digital merge in perfect harmony.

Self-recovery, Everlasting Perfection

Among the many distinctive features of FeelWrite film, its ability to self-recover stands out as truly extraordinary. Imagine possessing a paper that remains unaltered and a pen that retains its original form indefinitely - an everlasting duo.

But what exactly is self-recovery? As you write, the surface of the film magically forms dimples and recovers, responding to the pressure and release of the pen nib, expertly courtesy of the film's robust elasticity and durability—a testament to the craftsmanship of a Japanese automotive parts manufacturer. Astonishingly, even after enduring 250 gf of pressure for an impressive 5000 meters, the film remains unscathed.


The beauty of this marvel lies in its divergence from conventional methods that rely on soft nibs rubbing against rigid screens, a technique prevalent among similar products. Such practices inevitably lead to nib wear and tear, necessitating frequent replacements. In conjunction with the recharge-free, replace-free Ceramic Nib, FeelWrite 2 bestows an eternal brilliance upon the graceful art of writing, offering an unblemished writing journey that remains untouched by the sands of time.

A Shield Against Glare

Taking heed of the invaluable feedback from our cherished user community regarding the reflective nature of the FeelWrite gen 1, we have meticulously addressed this concern in the FeelWrite 2 upgrade. The finish now boasts an anti-glare treatment, ensuring an unhindered writing experience under bright light conditions.

Embrace the future of writing

Feel the magic of the "Natural Writing" experience with the revolutionary FeelWrite 2 Film and the extraordinary Ceramic NeverReplace Nib. Supernote proudly presents this innovative masterpiece, embodying our unwavering dedication "for those who write". We express our deepest gratitude to our loyal community, whose priceless feedback drives us towards constant growth and progress.

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Digital Writing in evolution

All stock A5 X and future new products will be equipped with the FeelWrite 2 Film—your gateway to an unparalleled digital writing journey. Get yours today and embrace the future of writing with Supernote!