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Sept 2023 | CHAUVET 2.10.25

Discover the Massive Upgrades in Supernote

The latest system update is here, packed with ease-of-use enhancements and juicy customization options. Plus, we've added PDF highlighting for that extra oomph!

PDF Highlighting

Easily mark important sections, key findings, and noteworthy quotes

You can highlight, underline text in a PDF, and add comments. Once you complete exporting the highlights, you can subsequently view them on your computer with the original colours of the highlights (yellow) retained. This provides an easy visual reference when reviewing a PDF document. Additionally, any comments made to the highlights will also be visible when you place your cursor over the matching highlighted text.

Links & Headings Editing

Take full control of your links and headings 

Easily manipulate links and headings with just a few taps, ensuring your notes are structured and organized to perfection. You can have them recognized as keywords or calendar event titles, but that's not all, you can even create a brand-new note when inserting or editing a link – no more interruptions, just pure efficiency.

Edit a link

Move a heading

Global Search Optimization

Find exactly what you're looking for with pinpoint accuracy

Switching Between File, Keyword, Star, and Handwriting: We understand that different situations call for different search methods, and now you are able to search for and locate the exact information you need in a matter of seconds. 

Keyword Optimization

The solution to your keyword chaos

Keywords help with search and retrieval, but overload leads to confusion. Don't let the burden of cluttered keywords hold you back any longer. With the optimization, you can easily add new keywords, quickly access recently used ones, and effortlessly switch between different sort methods, ensuring consistency and efficiency in your work.

Vector Export Enhancement

Look just as beautiful as the original

Now, you can confidently share your notes, sketches, or any handwritten work with colleagues, clients, or friends, knowing that your true artistic expression is accurately represented. Supernote ensures that your handwriting shines through, maintaining its charm, elegance, and precision.

Quick Access Reordering

More flexibility to customize

No longer will you have to waste valuable seconds fumbling through your Quick Access items, Supernote puts you in control. Simply long press on any item, and effortlessly rearrange or remove it from your Quick Access list.

Bluetooth Page Turner

Hands-free reading experience

For musicians, bed and tub readers, no more straining your wrist or losing your train of thought. We understand the needs of our user community and have added this long-awaited feature to enhance your reading pleasure.

Virtual Hebrew & Arabic keyboards 

Open up a world of possibilities

Your Supernote now come equipped with virtual Hebrew and Arabic keyboards, including specific layouts for Saudi Arabia and Egypt.