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JUNE 2023 | CHAUVET 2.9.24

What's new with

As time goes by, your gadget ought to keep leveling up, right? Well, that's where Supernote shines, constantly dishing out fresh features and enhancements. Let's take a peek at the standout additions from the latest upgrades.

Browse & Access

Leave privacy concerns behind and streamline your file transfer experience

Worried about the security of transferring important documents or private information across third-party servers? Thanks to the innovative Browse & Access feature, you can now easily and securely transfer files without depending on a specific app or third-party server (heck, you don't even require a Supernote account!). Just grab a browser and a local network, and you're all set to transfer files between Supernote gadgets and your trusty computers/phones with the ultimate ease.


Seamlessly integrate your digital planners into one organized workspace

Are you tired of constantly switching between multiple digital planners and notebooks? Life's chaos can wreak havoc on your productivity, making it difficult to focus on the deep work that truly matters. The new PDF-as-template feature lets you harness the potential of your digital planners and integrate them seamlessly into your notebooks. With powerful note-organizing tools, you'll have the freedom to customize your notes pages and structure your thoughts effortlessly – all in one place.

Laser Pointer

Say goodbye to clumsy pointing and hello to crystal-clear communication

Ever been in the middle of delivering an engaging presentation, only to feel frustrated when trying to direct your audience's attention to a specific point on the screen? Now, when screen mirroring, your pen will become a laser pointer, allowing you to effortlessly guide your audience's attention exactly where you want it and transforming your ordinary presentations into dynamic, captivating experiences. Perfect for teaching, business presentations, and more.

Quick Access to folders

Swiftly navigate to your desired folders – no more drowning in a sea of files

Are you tired of sifting through countless directories to access your most frequently used folders? Before, you can quickly access notebooks or notes pages by adding them to the Quick Access list in the sidebar. But that's not all! Now, you can also add entire folders to the Quick Access list for even greater organization and efficiency. Imagine the freedom you'll feel as you breeze through your day with your most important information right at your fingertips!

Looking for your creative focus in the age of distraction?

In an era of countless competing demands on one's attention, Supernote helps you find the inner focus to originate beautiful things and emerge as a freer human being.

Supernote on a wooden table