Supernote Nomad is a product that never fails to impress, and this holds true for its Vegan Leather Folio as well. The folio not only boasts an exquisite leather-like appearance, but also offers advantages that real leather cannot match.

In its original form, the Vegan Leather Folio utilized a nanotech material that was designed to resist scratches, making it ideal for everyday use. However, there was a drawback when it came to cleaning these folios, especially the white version. It required the use of industrial-strength alcohol in high concentrations, which made the cleaning process cumbersome.

To address this issue, we made the switch to a silicone material for the folio. Although it may not be as scratch-resistant as its predecessor (still more durable than real leather), it brought with it the advantage of being much easier to clean. Users can now simply wipe the folio with water, screen cleaner, or a mild solution of alcohol. Both smudges and ink (even ballpoint pen) stains can be cleaned. This new feature ensures that your Vegan Leather Folio can maintain its exquisite beauty.

Go ahead and enjoy the benefits of this updated folio, knowing that you have made a stylish and practical choice for your Supernote Nomad.

*If you're having trouble cleaning your Vegan Leather Folio using a low concentration of alcohol, chances are your folio is made of nanotech material. In that case, you can try using cotton swabs soaked in a higher concentration (99%) of industrial alcohol for cleaning. If you're still facing difficulties, feel free to email to, and our support team will assist you in finding a satisfactory solution.