The back-to-school season is always a hectic time. Between packing, exams, and general busyness, finding time to think about how to be productive and successful in the new semester can be hard. Wouldn't it be easier if there was a gadget to help? Supernote is exactly that - it doesn’t pack the sort of entertainment that an iPad does, but it gets all the features you need to succeed in your classes, helps you stay focused and organized while you learn.

Keeping notes and PDFs from multiple classes organized

Supernote has a file structure similar to that of a personal computer, so you can create a folder for each class and put all the notebooks and PDFs for that class in it. In the notebook, you can use the title feature to create a table of contents for each topic in that class, making it easy to jump back and forth between the different topics.

Easily annotate PDFs and excerpt text

Supernote lets you import PDF documents of journal articles, academic papers, and course work and annotate them freely with a pen. Annotated PDFs can be exported and transferred to view on computers and mobile devices. In addition to annotations, Supernote coolly allows you to extract text from PDFs and eBooks. When you come across passages you want to remember, enclose them in [ ] symbols with a pen and they will be saved in the "Digest" library for later review.

A variety of note templates to suit your every need

For different classes, you may need notebooks with different paper types. Ruled line, engineering grid, dot, journal, sheet, music staff, calendar... All of them are ready to use. What's even more helpful is that you can also design templates such as a daily plan, course schedule, or task list and import them into Supernote, making it your electronic notebook with more of your personality.

More nice things

  • Eye-friendly electronic ink display
  • Light enough to carry around daily
  • Unobtrusive, just like a paper notebook
  • Superior battery life compared to most common tablets 
  • Sync across devices without fear of losing files

Supernote is the perfect gadget for back-to-school, so get it before your classmates do and be ready to ace your classes this semester!

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