To cater to the needs of our growing international user communities, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Supernote translation localization project, which we hope will provide us with important insights into the local culture, language and market expectations. The ultimate goal is to keep improving Supernote’s products and services for our customers around the globe.

Where to start?

Click on the invite URL to sign up for a Crowdin account or log in if you have already created one.

How does it work?

In the Dashboard tab, select a target language for the translation. Based on a detailed analysis of customer demographic data, we’ve decided to first include the following languages in the localisation project: Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. More languages will be added in line with Supernote’s future direction and strategy. 

In a nutshell, we’ve extracted all strings from source code and added them to the online localisation platform called Crowdin. This web app allows you to provide all translations in one single place, and it also allows us to push new and/or updated strings to you in order to keep everything up-to-date and consistent.

The hard part

Once you’ve selected your target language, the hard part begins. You will find a list of files that contain strings that need to be translated by you.

Working as a team

Supernote translation workflow consists of the following steps: File Upload > Pre-translation via Translation Memory > Translation > Proofreading > Completion. After the first initial round of translations have been completed, we will invite more translators from our community to help us review and enhance the translations, and potentially push them to the beta version in hopes of receiving useful feedback from beta testers.

Localisation testing

Linguistically and culturally, we wish to make sure our products meet the respective standards in all target markets. That’s where testing comes into play. Once the translation is completed, we will include it in the next beta release, along with new features or bug fixes we are working on. When the beta cycle ends, and suppose everything goes smoothly, the translation will be rolled out to the next official release.

Keeping things consistent and up-to-date

As a brand that rejects planned obsolescence, Supernote continuously provides technical support and launches new features and updates for the existing products. Similarly, the localisation process is not a one-off thing. We count on you to help us translate anything that’s added, updated or new and make revisions accordingly, so that we can keep everything in the new language consistent and up-to-date.

Localisation progress

Thanks to the hard work of our incredible users who volunteered to be translators, we've completed the initial translations for the following target languages: English, French, German and Italian. As part of our workflow, the next step we will take is to proofread the translations before making them available for the beta testing. As of March 15th, 2023, the proofreading process for French, German and Italian is 15%, 48% and 24% completed respectively.

Due to popular demand, we've also added three new target languages: Hebrew, Japanese and Ukrainian. You are more than welcome to pitch in and help translate these languages.