Author: Carlos R Martinez, co-founder of Essential Music Org

Hello to all the Supernote users,

I have enjoyed using and working with the Supernote in the past months. I am a music teacher. Currently, we manage many files, our published books, our policy docs, music plans, programs, and planning as well as vision and mission docs.

The thing is as a teacher and business owner, I know that all of it is organic. Where you are met with challenges on a daily basis, changes, and you have to adjust. We use other devices like Ipads, for score reading, and notebooks or sticky notes. All of that is useful but sticky notes can actually be lost.

We also write music. Arrange music for our students and create new pieces. When an idea happens we most not lose them. I have found that whenever tech is involved that flow can work as long as it does not interrupt the capturing of the idea and the recording if it. From brain to hands, to paper or the Supernote.

What the Supernote does is amazing. It provides and experience where the flow is not interrupted.

For composing this is my flow:

  1. The idea appears. (We call them whistles). As soon as it appears It needs to be recorded otherwise I will forget it. I always say that it is like a leaf on the river. If you don't catch it, it is gone.
  2. I can open the Supernote, open the whistle page (music staff) and start writing it. AT that moment, all the focus is placed on translating the musical idea to paper - oops to the Supernote -. Once is there on the note file all is good, because it is ready for it to be expounded, and transformed. But catching the first initial thought, is the priority. The Supernote enables for the creativity process to flow very well. Extremely well.
  3. You can back it up. You can export it. etc. It is excellent.
  4. Writing lyrics, charts, chords, melody lines! very good!
  5. So what if you are interrupted? You can close the device, via closing the canva cover or pressing the in off button. And when you are ready to come back to it you just open it or hit the button on again and you are back at the last note you were working on. Just simply opening the canva cover it will bring you back and you can carry on.

For planning is the perfect device. Is the same. I can open the note where we were brainstorming, and continue with the development of our business. We can evaluate, erase, rewrite without any disruption. So, can you do that with other devices? Probably, but I believe the Supernote does it with such an ease that is ultra efficient. The software is easy to use, the hardware is excellent. The canva folio is of great quality. The way you can swipe to bring the files, and move around the folders is very good. Very practical. It does not interrupt the flow.

I will be posting pictures of it soon.

The writing, the ability to write and the performance of it is just amazing. Smooth.

There are somethings I would like to do that does not do yet.

  1. Faster processor for PDF (mostly for scores). I can study musical scores, annotate, sketch, etc. But to me it would be awesome if it was a little bit faster to switch pages when performing.
    - Supernote team is further improving the processing performance of PDF
  2. I would like it to eventually have a light. But it is not a deal breaker. It it will be helpful for when you are in a darker room.
    - For front/back lighting, this involves trade-offs against the best handwriting experience. Supernote team has found that adding a front light will make the device thicker and make the nib feel further from the screen as you write. Avoiding a front light also extends battery life so you can be more productive between charges. Supernote users can add external light to the device, like this one.

The Supernote is an amazing device. The company seems to be very transparent and ultra super responsive! They are kind in their communications and strive in responding.

For school, research, it is to me one of the best if not the best device. very helpful!!

Go Supernote!