Greetings Supernote Family! 

It's time to get as merry as a Christmas caroller, because we have some awesome surprises for you this holiday season :)

HoM 2

We are thrilled to present the Heart of Metal Pen Gen 2, with a tougher design and a host of enhancements based on YOUR feedback. And don't forget the festive colors like "Rouge" and "Evergreen". It's time to discover the wondrous realm of digital writing! 

Pen image

Gift wrapping

We've also added a Christmas-themed wrapping option to give your gifts an extra bit of holiday cheer. Don't forget to check it out when you place your order!

New features (Already available on Dec 22)

We'd also like to offer a sneak peek of our next software update, which is coming soon. We're making a bunch of optimizations, plus adding in some cool features you guys have asked for, like turning handwritten notes into text, exporting to Word or text files, and support for editing text (.txt) format files.


It's that time of year again! Now, don't panic - it's not Christmas just yet. But to show our appreciation for the support we've received from the community, we're happy to announce a special giveaway. It's our way of saying 'thank you', and we hope you'll join in the fun.  

It's been a tough ride this year, but with all of you, we managed to build a thriving community. As you look back, did you accomplish any of your personal or professional goals and how did Supernote assist you in that? Got any plans for 2023? Go on and share 'em with the gang and we'll pick 42 lucky champs to receive a brand new HoM 2 or LAMY Twin or LAMY AL-star pen in your choice of colors!

You can take part in the following Supernote Reddit community or Facebook group threads and keep in mind that you're only allowed to enter once.

Facebook group: Giveaway Thread
Reddit community: Giveaway Thread

Don't forget, the closing date is December 22nd at 20:22, EST (UTC -5) and we'll declare the victors in the threads on December 23rd, so remember to check the notifications.

We are immensely grateful to have you as part of our family and hope you have a great Christmas!