To answer the many questions we've received recently about whether or not Supernote will have a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, we wanted to clarify here.

After careful consideration, we've decided to skip Black Friday sales forever. We don't think Black Friday sales are a good fit for our niche products and they've caused many "irrational purchases" and returns in the past, forced our already limited efforts being shifted to handling purchases and returns, which detracted from our ability to provide quality service to our existing users and went against our philosophy of "existing users first". We believe that providing ongoing support is more valuable than one-time discounts. In addition, when we're busy with sales, it's hard for us to get work done on features—we don't want the whole company feeling pressured about meeting "big sales goals" during Black Friday, we want them to enjoy work-life balance as usual.

We often have other exciting events in the lead-up to Christmas, such as last year's raffle giveback and the Christmas-themed gift wrapping. This year, we'll be launching the next generation of Heart of Metal pens before Christmas. So if you're a fan of the Heart of Metal series, keep an eye out! Be sure to check back on our website so you can get your hands on one of these limited-edition writing instruments.

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