Wacom hosted Connected Ink 2018 on November 30 in Tokyo, Supernote was invited as a sponsor to give a speed themed on "The Writing in Digital Era" and discuss the solutions that how to combine natural writing and intelligent processing in the digital age with top global stationery brands. 

Connected Ink is aimed to provide a global platform for the digital stationery industry and to promote the industry through innovative technologies and use cases that bring a broader perspective to the future of pens, ink and paper.

In the past three years since its inception, both the influence and scale of Connected Ink are expanding . This year's event was attended not only by digital brands such as Samsung and Microsoft, but also by traditional stationery brands such as Montblanc, LAMY and Staedtler and Supernote was a special participating brand that combines digital technology with traditional stationery. 

The event was hosted by Wacom, the world's leading manufacturer of digital pens, inks and paper. 

 Wacom CEO Nobu Ide

Wacom provided a comprehensive analysis of the fast-growing interests and trends in digital stationery from traditional stationery manufacturers and revealed PoCs for innovative digital ink applications combined with the power of artificial intelligence. 

In the group discussion that followed, Samsung, E Ink, Supernote, LAMY demonstrate the product technologies and concepts of the big three topics: leading technologies, ink driving education and business, and “when analog meets digitization”

In-depth discussions and exchanges of views on the potential of digital stationery are held from a wider range of examples.

What kind of writing instruments do we really need in the digital age? Supernote gives its answer.

In terms of usability, Supernote brings the familiar handwriting experience and greater efficiency, while in terms of culture, Supernote creates a more human look and peripheral accessories.

Perfect privacy protection makes Supernote not only suitable for individuals but also for enterprises; pursuing the original meaning of education, Supernote brings a more pioneering element to children in the field of education.