On April 18, 2019, a crossover journey between stationery and digital opens at the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai.

Big chimney, history gallery, art, technology, mood, delicious, experience area, face value... There are so many hotly debated keywords in this unique launch, without further ado, let's revisit this stationery feast together - "When Stationery meets digital" Supernote product launch.

Hello, Big Chimney 

"A contemporary art museum? Is this the right place for a tech product launch?"

Many of you have asked this question when you received the invitation.

You are right, the Supernote product launch was held in the landmark building known as the "Big Chimney" - Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, the first public contemporary art museum held in mainland China.

According to Bruce (CEO of Supernote), that's why he chose this place, to make the thermometer feel the "temperature" of the upcoming product release. 

On the day of the press conference, the audience entered the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Tired of seeing boring launch commercial posters?

Supernote presents a historical gallery of the "History of Writing Instruments".

From the clay tablets and reed pens of Sumerian civilization;from the quill pen of the Renaissance and the fountain pen of the Middle Ages to the typewriter of the steam age, the innovation of writing tools has driven the progress of human civilization. 

The mood created by these age-old physical photographs naturally carried over to the opening speech of the conference.

What kind of writing tools do we need in the digital age?

Opening speech at the launch

The Supernote CEO opened his speech with the theme "The Origins of supernotes," starting with a rock painting around 36,000 years ago.

Humans created symbols, and then today they are drowning in them and are slaves to information. Perhaps the solution lies in bringing back the form of the tool to its original purpose. To make technology responsive to the development of the human mind, rather than subordinating man to the machine.

The launch previewed new software features to be released, including a handwriting software that converts original handwriting drafts to coded fonts with one click, useful calendar management software, improved UI, and etc.

At the press conference, a new generation of metal pens with a classic style was announced.

The launch demonstrated the latest advances in handwriting acceleration. The demo device equipped with this technology is available in the experience area.

The event also featured the big announcement, a new member of the Supernote family, the 7.8-inch "little guy"... Supernote A6 Agile, Agile means clever, small and lean. 

The popular Stationery Style Experience Zone 

We offered a 30-minute experience at the press conference, and this experience area became the most popular.

There were Supernote fans, electronic note-taking enthusiasts from around the world, and many fellow stationers, and the audience surrounded the experience area in layers. 

In addition to experiencing the products, the design style of the Supernote Experience Zone also left a deep impression on the audience.

A wide variety of digital pens overturned the stereotypical stereotypical image of traditional digital pens. When the stationery meets digital, the art meets technology,a beautiful dreamy picture is presented.

Ratta and Partners

The progress made by Ratta, the brand owner of Supernote, is inseparable from the support of top partners.

Thanks to Wacom for providing the best EMR technology, to E Ink for providing the specially designed good E Ink screen, to YANG DESIGN for providing the best industrial design support and to Baixin Bookstore for providing offline store experience.

The digital stationery consortium (DSC) was also invited to this press conference and introduced the status of the alliance. Ratta, as a board member of DSC, to achieve the mission of stationery digitization, Supernote will take this press conference as an opportunity to create and constantly enrich the electronic notes category, and create more warm digital stationery for the world in the future.

Goodbye, Chimney!

The launch event ended towards the end of the evening and the Supernote team thanked all the guests.

People walk out of the museum and look up to see red lampposts glowing in the night, this large thermometer still marking the afterglow of the launch.