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Note system - everything you need to stay organized

Connect via links

It is the only paper-like tablet with such powerful knowledge networking capabilities. By linking notes in a zettelkasten-like way, you can create a relationship between one piece of information and another, forming a more thorough and deeper insight.

Notes can be linked to notes, PDFs and eBooks and even web pages.

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Outline via titles

Create a table of contents by setting your handwritten notes as titles to structure your notebooks.

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Index via keywords

By adding handwritten notes to a list of keywords, you can quickly search for pages with that keyword.

In addition, you can also search for pages that have been marked with a star (☆).

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Search via real-time recognition

Supernote has the capacity to convert handwritten notes to text, allowing you to search for your handwriting in the real-time recognition notes. Moreover, over sixty languages are supported, and the notes can be exported to editable Word and Text formats, with the feature working even when offline after the initial activation, without any requirement of a subscription.

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