Christmas is just around the corner!🎅 It's a holiday to create memories - the snow outside the window, the smell of the tree, watching the kids having fun, and having a nice dinner together. We have Christmas gift wrapping and a special raffle that will be open to anyone who places an order before December 22 (12 PM, EST), even to old customers who placed an order two years ago :)

Christmas Specials

We will draw 10 lucky winners from all orders placed before December 22 this year to refund the full price of their order (5 from orders placed between December 1 and December 22, and another 5 from orders placed before December 1, for a refund of up to the price of one set) and post the results and a video of the drawing process on our Reddit community and Facebook group on December 24. The raffle requires that your order is placed on the official website ( and that you register here.

We've also prepared a Christmas gift box that we hope will bring warmth and joy when unboxing, don't forget to add the gift wrap when placing your order.

A5 X Shipping will be delayed

Even though we didn't do a Black Friday promotion, our sales this holiday season have greatly exceeded our expectations. We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and approval of Supernote as a product that has stood the test of time, and we are excited and happy about that - but unfortunately A5 X is just about out of stock (A6 X in stock). We understand that everyone wants to buy a gift before Christmas, but would also be very grateful for everyone to leave the spot opportunity to others. If you use the code "SPREADJOY" at checkout when placing your order for the A5 X set, you will save $30 (equal to the student discount) and your order will be shipped later in January. When A5 X is completely out of stock, it will also be shipped in January.

Thank you so much! Enjoy the holiday season‍🎄

[Edited on December 1, 2021]: A5 X is completely out of stock, $30 off will be applied automatically, no code required, all pre-orders will be shipped in January, thanks again to every loving person who gave the opportunity to others!