Your device should get better and better over time, and one of the best parts of Supernote is the regular release of new features and optimizations. With this release, a new kernel will bring Supernote fully upgraded, along with some surprises.

New kernel release brings significant performance improvements to Supernote X series

Faster Response

The responsiveness of a device greatly affects the user experience, and with the new kernel, Supernote has magically improved its responsiveness without having to upgrade the hardware.

The overall user interface is about 15% more responsive. When you tap on an icon, your Supernote device is more responsive and shows the results you want faster.

The page turn speed has been improved dramatically for both PDF documents and eBooks. Even for Kindle, which is integrated as a third-party app, the page turn speed has been improved by about 40%, and we're trying to bring it closer and closer to the experience of a native Kindle device.

In addition, the Bluetooth keyboard, which was slow to respond due to the limitations of the electronic ink display, has been improved so you can now connect it to Supernote and type more comfortably in Word documents.

Smoother Writing

Compared to real paper, writing on electronic devices often has a little "writing latency", which increases the distance between the digital ink and the nib. The lower the latency, the smoother the writing.

We have always strived to provide a writing experience close to that of a real pen and paper, and this time, with the new kernel, writing latency has been further reduced by about 28%, making it almost unnoticeable when you are writing.

Longer Battery Life

"Battery life" is the amount of time your device will run before it needs to be recharged, and Supernote devices have a longer battery life than common tablets, lasting several weeks. We're now making it last even longer.

Previously, Supernote devices consumed power more quickly when writing. With the new kernel, we've drastically reduced the power consumption when writing. In our internal tests, the overall battery life of A5 X and A6 X devices improved by about 30% (simulation method: 1 hour of writing, 3 hours of reading, and 2 hours no operation with the power on per day).

In our efforts to improve battery life, we found that some power consumption occurs when no tasks are running, so we also added the "No load shutdown" feature: if there is no operation for 20 seconds, the CPU will stop running to further reduce power consumption until the device resumes working at load or goes to sleep. Although this feature can further reduce power consumption, it also has the side effect of causing a slight momentary delay in response when resuming load, such as slower response to the first stroke. Therefore, an option is provided in the settings to allow you to turn this feature on and off. Due to hardware differences (the A6 X was launched earlier and this feature was not considered), “No load shutdown” feature is currently only available for A5 X devices.

More useful features

In addition to the new kernel, we also bring more useful features to Supernote X series.

  • The Gesture Eraser is now available on A5 X and A6 X. With this innovative gesture, you can quickly and seamlessly transition between eraser and pen without interrupting the flow of your thoughts.
  • You can now set passwords for files or folders to keep them confidential.
  • Captive Wi-Fi connection is available. You can easily open the login page to join a sweet public Wi-Fi network at Starbucks or at the office.

These features are already rolling out, and will hit Supernote A5 X & A6 X devices in the coming days. For more information on the new system update, head to our Release Notes.

*Percentage figures in the text/image are based on internal test and simulation data. The actual use results could be different.